Solo programmes

Fantasias and dances of the European Renaissancefoto-voce-e-liuto
Music by Spinacino, Milan, Attaingnant, Newsidler, Le Roy, Narvaez, Dowland, Vallet.

Melancholy and Joy
16th century Italian music for voice and lute
Ricercari, frottole, villanelle, madrigali and dances by Cara, Tromboncino, Willaert, Francesco da Milano, Molinaro.

Music around Elizabeth
English music of the Elizabethan era for voice and lute by Dowland, Cutting, Pilkington, Ferrabosco, Campion

Early Italian Baroque
Voice and archlute music by Caccini, Piccinini, Falconieri, Kapsberger

Seicento emiliano
Lute and theorbo music by Garsi, Melli, Piccinini, Castaldi

Theorbo music by Kapsberger, Piccinini, De Visée

Branduardi a Mantova

Concerto con Angelo Branduardi, Mantova

The golden rose
17th century french lute music by Gaultier e Mouton

Musique pour le Roy-Soleil
Theorbo and guitar music by Robert de Visée

Bach and Weiss
Lute Sonatas

Ancient and modern lute
Music by Vincenzo Capirola, Francesco da Milano, Gregorio Howett (16th century)
Marcela Pavia, Ivan Fowler, Alberto Vina (living composers)


Concerts with the ensemble Scintille di Musica

Concerto Venezia
Francesca Torelli direction, lute, theorbo, voice, baroque guitar
Rossella Croce baroque violin
Luigi Lupo recorder and traversa
Stefano Vezzani bombarda, recorder
Marco Ferrari bombarda, recorder
Mauro Morini trombone
Cristiano Contadin viola da gamba
Luisa Baldassari spinetta, harpsichord
Gabriele Miracle salterio, percussions
Paolo Simonazzi ghironda.

“SCINTILLE DI MUSICA” was founded in 2001 by Francesca Torelli and is interested in renaissance and baroque music interpretation, particularly Italian.
In 2002 has recorded the cd “Mantova: la musica alla corte dei Gonzaga” for EMI with the voice of Angelo Branduardi.
The members of the ensemble play with historical instruments and techniques.

Branduardi Scintille Venezia

Concerto Ensemble Scintille di Musica, Venezia

“Scintille di musica” is referred to the title of an important Sixteenth century music tretise.
All the members in Scintille have an intense concert and recording activity.
The ensemble has a formation wich can vary from 3 to 12 elements, depending from the program.
Last years Scintille di Musica has recorded four more CDs with music by 16th and 17th century venetian and roman composers, wich obtained great public favour..

Concert programs:

Renaissance music in Venice
Rome: music at papal court
Venetian Carnival.